SoilMax is a 100% natural growth promoter.

The product contains a mycorrhiza and N-fixing bacteria which is good for different soils, different climates and different crops.

Mycorrhiza helps increase activity and volume in the crop’s root systems, thereby increasing growth and tolerance of environmental extremes.

Increasing the roots’ catchment area improves access to water and nutrition. The product also contains humic acid and fulvic extracts.

It contributes to

  • rapid, extensive root growth
  • greater absorption of phosphorus and other nutrients
  • reduced stress in droughts
  • greater stimulation of seeds when sowing and protection during growth

Why choose WellAgri™ ?

New & cost-effective

WellAgri™ is introducing a completely new type of fertilizer product to the Swedish and Nordic markets. These products represent several steps towards healthier soil at a competitive cost per hectare.

High yield

WellAgri’s™ fertilizer products enable both conventional agriculture and organic agriculture to work soil in an efficient, healthy manner with continued high yields.

Personal service

WellAgri™ is a start-up company that aims to assist its customers with a personal, committed approach. At Wellagri™ , we adopt a long-term approach and we keep our promises. We want to be your partner and to work with you.

Healthier soil

WellAgri’s™ product range is the result of several years’ innovative, groundbreaking research aimed at developing a completely new type of fertilizer.

The fertilizer products are made from 100% natural substances. They contain vegetable proteins with a high nitrogen content which are then mixed with various natural nutrients.

The unique aspect of WellAgri’s™ fertilizer products is that they activate the natural minerals in the soil. The fertilizer products add organic matter back into the soil, which makes the soil more fertile and improves the microlife in the soil.

WellAgri’s™ fertilizer products provide the crops with the necessary nutrients they need for a high yield. The crop absorbs 95–100% of the added plant nutrition.

Do you want to know more?

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