A new unique type of fertilizer

Approved for EU organic and KRAV-certified production

Healthier soil

WellAgri™ AB, a new Swedish company whose new research-based products could change the traditional plant nutrition industry.

A unique range of products that improves the quality of your soil, promotes the growth of your crops and increases biodiversity

Why choose WellAgri™ ?

New & cost-effective

WellAgri™ is introducing a completely new type of fertilizer product to the Swedish and Nordic markets. These products represent several steps towards healthier soil at a competitive cost per hectare.

High yield

WellAgri’s™ fertilizer products enable both conventional agriculture and organic agriculture to work soil in an efficient, healthy manner with continued high yields.

Personal service

WellAgri™ is a start-up company that aims to assist its customers with a personal, committed approach. At Wellagri™ , we adopt a long-term approach and we keep our promises. We want to be your partner and to work with you.


Domaine Rabiega, France

WellAgri’s products have been successfully tested by Domaine Rabiega, a vineyard located in southern France. The responsible winemaker, Lars Torstenson, who has worked for many

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Agricultural meeting 2022

On 7 November, WellAgri held an agricultural meeting for customers and stakeholders. The day included, among other things, a lecture by Professor Georg Carlsson, from

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Trial 2022

WellAgri has conducted a field trial in collaboration with Hushållningssällskapet in Skåne (a farmer owned association) where WellAgri was compared with biofer (animal residual product).

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Our products

WellAgri’s™ product range is the result of several years of innovative, groundbreaking research aimed at developing a completely new, unique type of fertilizer. The fertilizer products are made from 100% natural substances. They contain vegetable proteins with a high nitrogen content which are then mixed with various natural nutrients. Our products are approved for EU organic and KRAV-certified production and have also been tested in field trials.


SoilMax is a 100% natural growth promoter. The product contains a mycorrhiza and N-fixing bacteria which is good for different soils, different climates and different crops.


Promotes healthy roots, improves soil capability and gives higher yields. Adds phosphorus in natural form.


Nitrogen (N) in natural form. Meets the need for nitrogen, promotes growth and strengthens the immune system.


Adds nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) from natural substances only.


Has a range of micro nutrients like Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and contains a high proportion of organic matter. Is biodegradable.


Has a unique composition that meets the crop’s need for potassium.

A company at the leading edge

WellAgri™ AB, a Swedish company whose new research-based products could change the traditional plant nutrition industry. Is that possible? Yes! Innovative research is not just carried out at large established companies with a traditional established market to defend. It is also associated with dedicated individual researchers who are provided with the right conditions for their research.

In WellAgri’s™ case, through our contacts with prominent researchers and entrepreneurs in India, we are the first country in Europe to be given the opportunity to introduce a completely new range of fertilizer products on the Swedish market. 

Fertilizer products that contribute to healthier soil, nutrient-rich crops, greater biodiversity and that promote agriculture for future generations. 

We believe that Swedish and Nordic farmers are open to new solutions

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