What do the products contain?

The products are derived from protein sources that are free from pesticides and heavy metals. They are 100% degradable. The base consists of raw materials from maize such as maize gluten and glucose. All ingredients are used in the fermentation process and are bound together (chelated) with nutrients according to organic standards. The various products contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as small amounts of micronutrients such as calcium, boron, zinc, iron, sulphur and magnesium.

How does it work?

Making amino acids available in appropriate quantities has been known as a method for increasing crop yield and overall quality for a long time. Amino acids are also an effective natural binding agent (chelation).

The organic molecules make it easier for the crop to absorb the bound (chelated) nutrients because they alter the surface properties of the micronutrients and make it easier for the plant to absorb them more efficiently.

The roots and leaves of the crop are negatively charged and the micronutrients are positively charged and that difference in polarity causes the nutrients to attach to the root and leaf system.

This process makes WellAgri’s™ products extremely efficient.

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