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The producer has control over the production chain and we therefore know that the products contain only organic and natural materials. The main raw materials are maize and maize gluten. The products are also approved for EU organic and KRAV-certified production.

The products are mainly used in India. Field trials have also been carried out in Africa and the Middle East. They are about to be introduced in Dubai (UAE). The experiences are very encouraging so far.

WellAgri™ conducted a field trial on baby leaf spinach in August-September 2020 in collaboration with Hushållningssällskapet i Skåne (The Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies, Skåne). The results were extremely positive.

In 2021, a number of farmers will try out WellAgri’s™ product range in their ordinary production.

They are new, unique fertilizer products, developed through groundbreaking research. They are made from 100% natural substances and are 100% biodegradable.

They are made from vegetable proteins with high nitrogen content mixed with various natural nutrients. The liquid can then be mixed with organic granulates or used in liquid form.

The characteristic feature of WellAgri’s™ fertilizer products is that they activate the natural minerals in the soil and add organic matter back into the soil, making the soil more fertile and increasing the microlife in the soil.

 WellAgri’s™ fertilizer products are 95-100% absorbed by the crop and provide the crop with all the substances it needs to give a high yield.

 WellAgri’s™ fertilizer products help to develop and improve the soil and increase biodiversity.

The products are derived from protein sources and carbohydrates and contain no residues of pesticides or heavy metals. The products are 100% biodegradable. Raw materials from maize such as maize gluten, glucose and castor-based castor oil cake are used as a base. All ingredients are used in the fermentation process and are bound together (chelated) with nutrients according to organic principles.

They are currently produced in India and are shipped to Sweden by sea. If the development of the products goes well, there are plans to also produce them in Sweden.

The environmental impact of the production is minimal and gives rise to zero (0%) CO2 emissions. Maritime freight is considered to be the most environmentally-efficient way of transporting goods over long distances. Our storage centre in Sweden is strategically placed so that freight within Sweden will be as environmentally efficient as possible.

They are not reported because it is not possible to compare WellAgri’s™ products with chemical fertilizers because they are a completely new, unique type of natural fertilizer.

For example, if chemical fertilizer requires approximately 700 kg per ha per growing season, only about 150 kg of WellAgri’s™ products (in the form of granules), or approximately 15 litres in liquid form, are required.

For that reason, during the first few years we will hold frequent discussions with the farmers who use WellAgri’s™ products and the supplier in India to set up the fertilization strategies so they give good returns and are economical for the farm overall.

Yes, they are approved for EU organic and KRAV-certified production, according to Council Regulation EC No 834/2007 and Commission Regulation No 889/2008.

We consider that WellAgri’s™ product range can be competitive when calculating overall finances. This includes the costs of purchasing, transport to the farm, working time, diesel, storage, etc. The cost per hectare decreases when purchasing larger volumes.

WellAgri’s™ products can be stored for around 3 years as long as they are stored in a cool, dry place.

If the products are used in the form of granules, the products take effect over the long term. However, the products are faster-acting in liquid form.