Jordbruksaktuellt has highlighted WellAgri in an article.

Despite commencing operations as recently as 2020, WellAgri has already made significant strides in sustainable agricultural technology. The article provides an overview of the company’s history, their vision of natural fertilizers, and their products built on plant-based protein sources and natural substances. This innovative approach has the potential to replace both conventional and organic fertilizers in the future.

The text also describes WellAgri’s successful field trials in collaboration with the “Hushållningssällskapet” in Skåne, as well as their ongoing efforts to provide sustainable alternatives for organic farmers and garden centers. Furthermore, the company’s emphasis on fact-based marketing is highlighted, along with their desire to demonstrate tangible results from their products. With a strong foundation in science and practical application, WellAgri strives to shape the future of agricultural practices through innovative and sustainable fertilizer products.

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