Domaine Rabiega, France

WellAgri’s products have been successfully tested by Domaine Rabiega, a vineyard located in southern France. The responsible winemaker, Lars Torstenson, who has worked for many years to develop Rabiega into a leading organic vineyard, decided to trial WellAgri on half of the vineyard during 2022 and 2023. Following the successful results in 2023, Domaine Rabiega […]

Agricultural meeting 2022

On 7 November, WellAgri held an agricultural meeting for customers and stakeholders. The day included, among other things, a lecture by Professor Georg Carlsson, from SLU, who talked about how you can use bacteria and living organisms in the organic agriculture. In addition to lectures and discussions, a field visit was carried out. Participants agreed […]

Monte Rei Golf & Country Club, Portugal

WellAgri’s products were tested during the 2022 season on the greens of one of Portugal’s best golf courses. Monte Rei has been ranked in several ranking lists as Portugal’s best golf course and as one of the best in the world outside the USA. Monte Rei will continue to test WellAgri’s products during 2023. For […]

Trial 2022

WellAgri has conducted a field trial in collaboration with Hushållningssällskapet in Skåne (a farmer owned association) where WellAgri was compared with biofer (animal residual product). WellAgri’s field gave a slightly lower yield, about 95%, but in return with better straw strength, 85-90% compared to 50-70% for biofer.

Sales rights in Europe

During the summer of 2022, WellAgri has signed an agreement with Futurex Industries Ltd, who owns the product rights, for the sales rights for the whole of Europe. The agreement will give WellAgri fantastic opportunities to establish contacts in the European market and it creates good conditions for future sales.

Field trials 2020

WellAgri™ has conducted a field trial on baby leaf spinach in collaboration with The Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies in Skåne (Hushållningssällskapet i Skåne). The results of the trial were very positive. The trial compared the results from WellAgri’s™ plant nutrient products and ordinary conventional plant nutrient products. The result for the conventional field was […]

Trials 2021

Several farmers, both conventional and organic, have tried WellAgri’s™ product range in 2021. The products have been tested on different soils and different crops. WellAgri’s™ products have been tested on oats, winter rape and winter wheat and starch potatoes. In the organic field, WellAgri´s™ products were compared with cow manure. The tests have in some […]