Field trials 2020

WellAgri™ has conducted a field trial on baby leaf spinach in collaboration with The Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies in Skåne (Hushållningssällskapet i Skåne). The results of the trial were very positive.

The trial compared the results from WellAgri’s™ plant nutrient products and ordinary conventional plant nutrient products. The result for the conventional field was 1944 gram/m2 and the result for the field containing only WellAgri’s™ products was 1736 gram/m2, i.e. a result close to 90% for the field containing only natural plant nutrients! We should remember that this was the first trial of WellAgri’s™ products carried out in Swedish soil. The harvest at the same time in the ordinary fields yielded approximately 1200 grams/m2.

The harvest was also analysed and the level of micronutrients in the trial field was extremely good. Farmers often have problems with high levels of nitrate in harvests later in the year. In WellAgri’s™ trial fields, the nitrate level was more than halved to a level that would have enabled the spinach harvest to have been approved for baby food.

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